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Rolling through the storm

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Lightning strikes, thunder rumbles, and life gets hairy sometimes. It's part of the journey. When we are focused on embodying our own light and feel the weather of our experience change, it can be easy to fall into forgetfulness. Oh no, I'm not doing it right! I'm not worthy!!

Let us remember in these moments- you can't heal it if you can't feel it! The storms of life are toward our highest good. They shake loose what does not serve us and reveals our triggers for healing. The degree to which this process is helpful (and tolerable) is largely determined by how we receive the messages within the experience. When we remain connected, standing with breath flowing, witnessing the self with compassion while feeling the emotions of the process, our wise mind can alchemize the density within that pattern.

It is sometimes said that Kali is the most compassionate goddess in Hindu faith, and in this seemingly unlikely sentiment is a deep truth. When she comes with an earthquake and shakes the city to the ground, there is a new city to come but it cannot be built while the old city stands. Yet, who is ever willing to let go of what we are attached to in order to welcome the lovely things flowing in from the future? Kali does the hard work of helping us to let go. It is as Khalil Gibran says, love is not just for our growth, but also for our pruning, for it shakes our roots in their clinging to the earth.

Universal law dictates that is what not dealt with will return in a more difficult form until we are moved to action, so if issues keep arriving at your door it may be time to do something different. Many resources from myself and others have been created to help you maintain your connection in difficult times.

Ensuring that you have adequate support throughout your transformational processes definitely helps keep things more comfortable, and I suggest you reach out and find support that deeply resonates with your journey. Love and light to you my friend. Be well! 🌞

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