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Self healing

What does it mean to be self healing? How do you do it? I get these questions all the time, often in a skeptical tone.

The truth is we all have the ability to heal our emotional wounds, but like so much of our authentic selves we get cut off from this ability through the traumas of life, both big and small.

Spoiler alert: I can't explain how to do this in a blog post in a way that actually works. But what I can say is that self healing is only found where we have learned self compassion, powerful surrender, and self awareness. Really noticing is the key.

Using mindfulness and somatic experiencing, we build our ability to regulate the responses of our nervous systems and read the signals within our emotional and physical experiences. This deeper noticing allows us to begin to perceive our implicit procedural memories that create situation responses (programming) and our wounded parts that are still suffering. Our parts learn to trust our grounded and centered selves as safe protectors and nurturers, and we walk in the world lighter and more present in the now.

There is no magic spell or kitchen gadget that will do it for you, unfortunately. You won't be salad spinning your way to enlightenment. But not one single person has ever told me that the work wasn't worth it. Having an experienced guide is definitely a good idea, because without one you might feel like you're trying to dog paddle across the river Styx. I've walked this journey myself, and I've led many people through.

Welcome, please take my hand. It might be a wild ride, but your deepest, most true desires await you on the other side.

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