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Buddha Statue


I am Honored to have received these words <3

Before working with Melissa, I felt blocked in making my dream come true. I couldn't seem to get over the same bumps in the road, themes playing out in different ways and always ending up the same. Thanks to Melissa, I now own my own business and I'm living my dream! So far it has been more successful than my wildest expectations and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you, Melissa! I hope everyone hears this and makes their dreams come true too!


Melissa met me in a dark place and showed me how to find my light. My hopelessness and trauma have been replaced with joy and gratitude. I can move through the waves of my life secure in feeling trust in the universe, which is a feeling I couldn't imagine having at the start of my process.  Melissa, I can't thank you enough for the change in my life!


Words of Praise: Welcome
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