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Momentary Musings

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

To get my blog moving, after a year of focusing on other projects, I've decided to connect to the flow of my thoughts in the moment. These are they:

Composing a song of now, an expression of the moment. Caught in time and ever flowing, the horizon continually stretched out, a rainbow's end of feeling and sensation, not seeking any pot of gold within that destination yet finding within each breath an entire universe of experience. Ever toward ourselves spiralling and exploring the boundless edges of the container of me, untifed field parading as dissociated mind, dancing light, a candle flame, enjoying the play of shadow on the wall.

Who are you? And what does that mean? How are those boundless edges defined? A multitude, yet precisely formed in contrast to the rest. Marionette and Creatrix, At once mere and miraculous, the centermost drop in the heart of the ocean.

Seeking finds what is lost but only the loss of it, not the essence which is within you and resonant even in this moment. Re-member the feeling essence, bring it into your body, and use this innerstanding to shift into a mode of being in alignment with your felt vision.

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